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Chief's Horse Feathers Can, Fence Check Brown Ale Can, Midknight Bike Ride Can and APK IPA Can


Hail To The Chief!  Chief's Horse Feathers is playfully light, charmingly crisp, deliciously buttery and an all around perfect style Blonde Ale.  It's easy to enjoy and refreshingly honest with light ingredients that make you smile.  It'll have you saying "Awwwww Horse Feathers".  It's a simple beer made great to honor the life and service of son, father, grandfather, husband and friend, Chief Petty Officer - Boatswain Mate Paul "Chief" Ivey.  By the way..."Choose To Be Different".

ABV 4.7%


Sometimes, when you're sitting out in the backyard having a few beers, you just have to check the fence.  Fence Check Brown Ale is an easy drinking, non-traditional hop profile, light bodied American Brown Ale.  The creamy, nutty and chocolaty flavors make this Brown sinfully easy to drink.  By the way..."Choose To Be Different". 


ABV 6%   /    IBU 40


Come with us on a MidKnight Bikeride.  It's a deliciously balanced Imperial / Double that is not too hoppy and not too bitter.  It's just right.  This Malt forward beer, with hints of orange is an easy drinker and will quickly become one of your favorite Double IPAs.  It may even have you hopping on a bicycle around Midnight to take a spin to celebrate.  It's what the Three Odd Guys did in their old neighborhood in Apopka, Florida.  By the way..."Choose To Be Different". 

ABV 8.5%   /    IBU 77


Brewed in Apopka, Florida for the residents of Apopka, APK IPA is a balanced India Pale Ale that's not too hoppy and not too bitter.  It has hints of orange making this delicious beer easy to drink on any given day.  It's proven to be Apopka, Florida's favorite craft beer.  By the way..."Choose To Be Different".

ABV 7.4%   /    IBU 55

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